7 Ways to Attract LEO Women | Zodiac Seduction (2023)


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How to win a Leo woman's heart if you're, crushing over a Leo lady or have a deep fascination with her and want to win her heart, then you're in the right place in this video, we'll show you how to win over your Leo woman's heart perfectly and make her fall in love with you to win a Leo woman's heart, give her enough time and attention more than enough.

Compliments and sincere admiration show her your creativity with gifts, dates, talents and passion, be fun and humorous when you're around her, while keeping a dominant masculine, Aura and presence the leo woman is the queen of the zodiac incredibly generous and exerts royalty energy like no other.

She is powerful with a fiery temper.

Nevertheless, she is self-confident and, at the same time, self-assured making her an outstanding performer and Entertainer.

Behind that force and energy lies a very warm-hearted and generous woman.

The Leo woman's fire is persistent and long-lasting compared to the other fire signs.

It doesn't burn up fast and dies quickly.

She can have the drive and determination to succeed and get anything she wants.

This can make her one of the most successful and forceful women in the Zodiac wheel.

However, there's more to the leo woman than meets the eye before we discuss winning her heart, let's see what makes her special.

What makes a Leo woman special.

This part applies to women born with their sun sign in The Confident sign of Leo.

This also applies to women with Leo in their rising or ascendant Moon Mercury Venus and Mars signs, If, You, Don't, Know Her, full birth chart.

It is best to find out her birthday and the time she was born, the leo woman as a powerful fire when contained, can create big and creative outputs that can Inspire and admire many people, but when this fire is uncontained, it can be destructive for her and the people around her.

This is what makes her special her fiery.

Energy gives life to all other facets of her personality.

Her energy directly brings life and vitality into the people and the environment.

She lives with.

This makes her a powerful creature with a knack for theatrics.

It is no surprise that most influencers and prominent people, especially actors, are born in the sign of the Lion.

This woman has a strong ego and expresses herself in the most beautiful ways possible because she is ruled by the Sun.

A traditional masculine planet and is a fixed fire sign, expect her to be a strong, independent woman who can handle herself and the tough challenges she will face.

The warmth of the sun also gives her a cheerful heart that can be overtly generous and helping to others.

This is what makes a Leo woman so special, the fire that she has inspires and warms everyone.

Her strong personality is admirable and even overlooked, because her energy is incredibly friendly and magnetic.

She is pure fun and can be a truly inspiring leader, a woman with Regal Air.

Yet a good-natured personality.

She is straightforward and uses her drive to succeed.

That's what makes a Leo woman so special before we get into the seven ways to win her heart.

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Seven ways to win a Leo woman's heart 1.

treat her like royalty, always treat her like one to win over her heart.

You must acknowledge her presence.

Vivaciously treat her more nicely than the other people around you.

She will pay attention to you if she feels you're, making an extra effort to get close to her, be fun and present whenever you're, around or interacting with her in the same room, be generous and offer her nice pleasures and luxuries.

She'll be engaged with you, too 2.

party and have fun with her.

Don't forget that this woman is a fire sign, she'll, be the life of the party, and maybe the center of attention whenever you go out with her with that said, always be ready to bring your wild and fun side with you be colorful and live.

The life of the party show her you're able to socialize with different types of people and that you get along with everyone.

The more she sees your famous and likable, the more she'll want to get close to you.


be dominant and masculine show her your ruthless side, because Leo is a natural masculine sign.

She will exhibit strong qualities, but this doesn't mean she wants to assume the masculine role in a relationship.

More so she'll want a stronger and more dominant man than her leo woman is looking for a match, shy and withdrawn types.

Insanely turn her off.

You should exhibit strong and manly traits, such as self-assurance and self-confidence, walk in the room with swag and you'll win her heart.


live life with passion, live your life wonderfully whatever it may be, make sure she sees that you are independent and happy without anyone making.

You happy show her that you're living life to the fullest, not depending on any woman, Aspire your goals and make and pursue your career Pursuits or, if you have any talents to showcase, show her that you are worth the while.

The more you inspire her.

The more you'll win, her heart over 5.

work, your physical body and mental power, as mentioned above this strong woman doesn't go for weak men.

She wants a man who can be as strong, if not stronger than her an excellent way to win her heart, as if you excel in physical Sports, where you can show off your strength and masculinity work on improving your body train your body and mind show her that you're, strong and intelligent, and not the guy to be pushed over strength is a valuable attractive trait for a man go live and experience.

It 6.

be direct and straightforward to be vulnerable to a Leo woman is to let her know that you're not hiding anything from her by being quiet and sneaky, don't hesitate to speak your mind when you have something important to say be loud and bold.

Those are the traits she looks up to in a man when you're doing these you'll be able to win her heart over in no time.


give her a purpose to live her life to the fullest.

Last but not least, to fully win her heart over.

You must show her the beauty and complexity of life and share something valuable with her.

It may be a valuable lesson or goal as to why you're the Way You Are.

The point is to live life, for something more splendid show her that both of you have a good purpose and that you can succeed at Great Lengths with drive and determination.

Do these and you'll surely win your Leo woman's heart win a Leo woman's cheerful, bright, magnificent heart final thoughts dating a Leo woman is not for the faint of heart.

Her strong and forceful personality might intimidate some men.

This acts as a barrier to the unsuitable partner she might engage with.

However, if you follow the guidelines and live up to them, you will surely win her heart and soul.

Her Fierce temperament is powerful and not to be messed around in good Essence.

She can be incredibly magnetic and Famous.

She can be an excellent and magnanimous lover to her family and friends, including her partner, always remember to follow the said tips applying some of the things mentioned to get close or even strengthen your relationship with your leo woman as a Surefire way to keep the relationship good and long.

Remember that this applies to women with their son in Leo or with plenty of heavy Leo placements, especially in their inner planets in their birth chart.

However, to find out her attachments and comforts, you must look directly at her moon sign and to know her love language.

You must look in her Venus.

You can only accurately do these by knowing her birthday, accurate location of birth and her specific birth time, three of which are needed to fully see her birth chart.

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How to make a Leo woman crazy about you? ›

10 Ways To Attract A Leo Woman
  1. Load On The Sweet talk. A Leo woman wants a man who can prioritize her and can provide endless attention and affection. ...
  2. Let Her In Charge. ...
  3. Be A Good Listener. ...
  4. Cute Romantic Gestures. ...
  5. Spoil Her With Gifts. ...
  6. Go Adventurous. ...
  7. Run Behind Your Passions. ...
  8. Apologize For Your Mistakes.
Dec 15, 2022

What turns a Leo on? ›

Absolutely gluttons for intense physical affection, Leo is turned on by hugs, kisses, squeezes, and light PDA. Leos are known to have a warm, wacky sense of humor and appreciate anyone who can lightly roast and tease back-and-forth humorously without hurting anyone's feelings.

What to wear to attract a Leo woman? ›

A deep blue outfit should keep his eyes fixated on you. Leos are attracted to vibrant and radiant colours. Being a Fire sign, they love to see some glitter and shimmer. Dress bold and bright to impress your woman.

How do you make a Leo crave you? ›

Check out these 10 ways in which you can make a Leo man obsessed with you.
  1. Compliment Him. ...
  2. Prove Your Loyalty. ...
  3. Take Pride In How You Carry Yourself. ...
  4. Show Him Some Love. ...
  5. Respect Him. ...
  6. Show Off Your Style Statement. ...
  7. Be Fun And Adventurous. ...
  8. Flirt With Him.
Dec 31, 2022

What makes a Leo woman chase you? ›

Leos tend to love being the center of attention.

The more you can make her feel safe and listened to, the more she'll think about you when you're not around (and probably chase after you when you leave).

What turns a Leo on in bed? ›

Believe it or not, Leo's biggest turn-on is feeling desired. Leos are so terrific in bed because they're enchanted by seduction—both giving and receiving. Leos purr at the idea of being wanted, which is why sexy tension is so important to this ferocious fire sign.

What are Leos sensitive to? ›

Unlike their strong exterior that they usually show the world, Leos are inwardly very sensitive. They can't stand to be lied to or not be loved. All they want is to be cared for, in the arms of their one, true love. Leos also love being pampered and loved.

What things make Leo happy? ›

Leo turn ons

The sound of applause. I say this literally, because to be applauded is the ultimate in terms of positive attention, but, really, any compliments, flattery, or positive attention makes Leo happy. You're a big proud lion at heart, and you love to be loved.

What is a Leo woman favorite body part? ›

Leo's Favorite Body Part: The Heart And Spine

The back just might be where it's at for this fire sign. Next time you go in for a hug with your loved-up Leo, linger a while, running your fingers up and down their spine or in little circles.

How to make a Leo woman blush? ›

Leo women love to be admired and to get praised for their uniqueness and creativity. Compliments will get you far and will sometimes even make the woman blush. Leo women are known to be creative and dislike the status quo. Win her by loving what's unique about her style, and the way she lives.

Who attracts Leo woman? ›

In terms of your love compatibility with other zodiacs, your ideal love match could be with an Aries, Sagittarius, and Gemini male. In terms of love and compatibility, one of the best-known love matches for a Leo woman according to the charts is Aries Man.

What impresses a Leo? ›

A Leo loves a good compliment when it comes from the heart. “They want employees who can acknowledge the hard work that they put in regularly, as well as their expertise and leadership,” says Lettman. “A little flattery when it feels right can go a long way.”

How to satisfy Leo? ›

A Leo's erogenous zones are usually his back and chest. Try brushing your fingers along his back, putting a hand against his chest, nuzzling up to his ear, or running your fingers through his hair. He'll be swooning! Leos enjoy tame displays of affection, too.

What do Leos want most? ›

Leos are known to be very ambitious and have a strong desire for power and authority. In relationships, they look for partners who support and encourage their dreams and don't hold them back. When in pursuit of a goal, Leos can be quite relentless and aggressive. So, if you love your Leo, learn to give 'em some space.

How do Leo girls act when they like someone? ›

When a Leo is crushing on you, she'll randomly visit and call. One of the coolest aspects of the Leo personality is how they can follow their hearts without fear of rejection. If a Leo likes you, she won't be afraid to try and see you. When she wants to hear your voice, she'll dial you right up.

What do Leo woman do when they have a crush? ›


If they have a crush, the other person will know before anyone else does. They are communicative and they hate to beat around the bush. They don't out their heart out there easily, but definitely go all out fawning over their beau. They love to be wooed after they take the first few steps.

What do Leos like to be touched? ›

Leo. It's all about the back. A Leo loves having hands wrapped around them, back massages, and soft touches up the spine. Any back action will get a Leo's endorphins going, including around the shoulders.

What do Leos like to hear? ›

Leo craves the spotlight and is a big attention seeker. However, they also like making people happy and setting an example. So, if a Leo makes you feel like a better version of yourself, nothing would make them happier than to hear it.

What do Leo girls like in bed? ›

"The most important part of romance and sex for Leo is fun and joy," Stellas says. This fiery sign doesn't go in for overly complicated sex positions, tending to stick to the classics, such as missionary, cowgirl, or doggy. Connecting with their partner is more important than anything else.

What Leo woman wants in a man? ›

A Leo woman demands a partner who she can shine brightly with. If you fall too far into the shadows or carry yourself without grace, it's unlikely that you'll be able to maintain her affection in the long run. Leo women tend to like receiving attention—they're impossible to overlook!

What is a Leos weak spot? ›

Weak points of Leo people:

2. Leos are often a bit egotistical and arrogant when they are not in the mood. And when they become arrogant, they make everything about themselves. 3. People of Leo zodiac sign are very focused and unstoppable, but at the same time, they are quite stubborn.

What are Leos weak spots? ›

Leo Weaknesses: Understanding Leo's Personality & Overcoming Flaws. 1 They have large egos. 2 They don't respond well to criticism. 3 They're a little self-centered.

What is a Leos worst habit? ›

Leo: To Misbehave with Others

Leo people often keep people intimidated, which can be challenging for others. They can take everything personally, which can make others keep their distance.

What does a Leo woman need? ›

Leo likes to be not only the center of attention, but strong and powerful—if you upstage her, the spotlight might get crowded. Unless she feels you're a match for her power couple plans. Loyalty is one of the most important traits of the Leo woman and she wants it back.

What is Leo girl weakness in love? ›

06/13Leo. This sign doesn't appreciate their partner's concern when it comes to pointing their mistakes out. Leos hate it when they are faced with criticism, even though it may be for their good.

What body part is Leo attractive? ›

Represented by a lion, Leos have a great mane so you will notice their beautiful hair first. When they walk into the room, that is the physical feature you will notice first.

Where to kiss a Leo girl? ›

Leo. They are savage but very playful. They will first kiss your face and neck and in the end they go for the lips with a lot of tongue involved.

Who is Leo naturally attracted to? ›

Leos tend to gravitate towards fellow fixed signs, Scorpio and Aquarius. Scorpios understand Leo's need for loyalty, and they both crave a lot of intensity when they're dating someone.

Does a Leo woman make a good wife? ›

Being governed by the Sun, Leo partners are fierce, bold, charismatic, and confident and believe in making sturdy, profound and sentimental relationships. A typical Leo wife is extremely optimistic, caring and trustworthy which adds up to the love and relationship.

What is a Leos love language? ›

Leo. "Fiery, passionate Leo's love language is definitely physical touch—these lovers need affection to be showered with affection," says Kavanagh. "They also appreciate quality time with their loved ones and words of affirmation, as Leos love to be loved in all ways."

How do Leos like to be loved? ›

A Leo man loves being caressed, touched and he expresses his emotions freely and without inhibitions. He will not at all hesitate to shower you with affection when you are together. So, it may be a casual peck on your cheek or hugs and cuddles; you can expect a lot of PDA from your Leo man.

How do you make a Leo feel guilty? ›

Check out these 10 ways that'll make a Leo man regret losing you.
  1. Allow Him Space. ...
  2. Share Your Feelings With Him. ...
  3. Get A Makeover. ...
  4. Don't Give Up On Your Goals. ...
  5. Share Your Adventures On Social Media. ...
  6. Become More Resilient. ...
  7. Don't Be Easy to Get. ...
  8. Stay True To Yourself.
Dec 14, 2022

What a Leo woman wants in a relationship? ›

Dating Leo Woman

She wants to be able to shine, to show herself with her new partner to the world. She wants to dance and spread the smell of joy, smiling and simply being happy. She needs to feel the joy of life and forget about things that make her tired and sad at her workplace, or anywhere else.

Do Leos lose interest quickly? ›

Leos see creativity and passion as the core of any long-lasting relationship, which means they'll quickly become bored or uninspired if the relationship begins to sour.

How do you show a Leo you care? ›

Leo men crave warmth, touch, and intimacy.

Leos never shy away from PDA, so don't be afraid to hold his hand and give him plenty of public smooches. Constant petting makes your Leo feel like king, and he'll treat you like royalty in return. Leos love a good cuddle session.

How to win the heart of a Leo woman? ›

Leo women love to be admired. Win her by loving what's unique about her style, her story, how she lives. Show up on time or face a reckoning. Respect is big with her, and being overlooked or underestimated isn't soon forgotten.

What is a Leo woman's love language? ›

"Fiery, passionate Leo's love language is definitely physical touch—these lovers need affection to be showered with affection," says Kavanagh. "They also appreciate quality time with their loved ones and words of affirmation, as Leos love to be loved in all ways."

What makes a Leo nervous? ›

06/13Leo. Leos are dominant personalities. However, when it comes to anxiety, there is no limit to how stressful situations can get for a Leo. Whenever you feel things are moving out of your control and that you're not getting the attention you deserve, you're deemed to feel stress.

What makes a Leo cry? ›

They are not satisfied with life even when things are going spectacularly well for them. It is because they are thinking that life can always be better. Also, Leos love being the center of attention, and what better way to grab it than to start wailing.

What bores a Leo woman? ›

Leo women are spontaneous and adventurous. They get bored when they're stuck in a routine. That's why you need to keep them on their toes. Leos love to try new things inside and outside the bedroom.

What is a Leo girl weakness? ›

Leo weakness

The fire element and haughtiness of Leo's astrological sign characterise it. Leos are driven by a strong desire to be recognised and loved. Natives of the sign of Leo frequently rule others around them. Natives of Leo are notorious for speaking their thoughts and not being open to criticism.

How does a Leo woman behave in love? ›

Leo Woman In Her Love Life

Leo women are extremely warm and high-spirited when it comes to expressing their feelings. They love with all their heart and are very fluent in the language of romance. The typical Leo traits of being passionate and persistent make them always available for romantic relationships.

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