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Second part

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Foreign, hey Daddy, whoa, hey: where are you from Espanol? No, no, oh! No! Oh you're! Good! Oh! Do you guys guess where I'm from talk a bit louder? Hola, oh you're, Spanish, yeah I'm from Spain um! Okay, are you serious um that was a prank? What's up, what can I tell you anyway, hi say no.

My friend thinks you're sexy so yeah, oh, probably 19.

you're pretty, but you're really pretty! Thank you.

How old are you still have your Snapchat, but it's also on mine.

If you want my Snapchat yeah it is.

We don't really use Snapchat here in Spain, but I do have Snapchat you're from Spain.

Why are you so sexy foreign, what the [ __ ] he just answered on me? Oh I'm, still here chill chill ready Spanish.

Can you speak English, of course, I like Espanol, we I mean see.

We is French tea, God, I, messed up I'm.

Still here he's back laughs, all right, hey, come and cure.

Thank you where it goes from.

Are you not going to compliment me back then you're super cute too.

You can't come up with a new company.

I think you're, you will be a MILF in the future.

Oh my God, so where from Spain are you from Madrid Madrid I'm waiting for you guys, I'm waiting for you too excuse me you're waiting for her.

It's literally why you cheated on me already.

You want me to break up with me right now.

No, please don't what are you guys doing here? Finding my husband, yeah you're kind of getting suspicious bye for her whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, oh you're, back! Damn, hey, hey! Why don't you show your whole face? I! Don't want to be talking to the wall.

You know you're already be coming to this.

Do that I mean damn you're kind of cute.

Thank you! Okay, I! Just added you well see you later bye.

Are you British I'm from Spain? Is so another fan going over here, USA USA! No! No! Because no I'm! Still here you guys are okay, hey hi! Where are you from Spain you have to come to Madrid? Is that in Barcelona I'm, absolutely I'm? Let me search it.

Madrid I can't spell fish.

Are you high? No I'm, dyslexic I just said Madrid Madrid hola.

Are you her boyfriend? No, it's my brother Spain I'm 18.

You know what I don't understand.

No, no shut up shut up when the girl pops up on Omegle.

She tells me to skip that's tough, bro, I'm, 19., hello, hello.

You can talk when I.

Damn you, you still don't talk.

Oh hi, oh hi, oh hi, I'm from Spain, stop I'll, go to Madrid all the time so like.

If I see you damn you should.

You should text me when you come here.

Yeah I should mm-hmm.

Oh, my God I was like um yeah I'm from Madrid too.

Like are you from Madrid too? Oh, my God Jesus.

You are a legend: hey, hey, hi, you're cute! Thank you.

So are you? Thank you.

Were you mad that I skipped too what you were like you're like I, almost skipped you're, not gonna lie.

Okay, you are hot yep! Thank you.

You are awesome.

Why don't you show your face? No! It's kind of scared! I, like your heart.

Thank you, I have to where in Spain are you from Madrid? Oh my gosh.

Thank you, you're awake.

What did you say when I was gone step on there, hey Mario Mata? What Mario Mario? What do you mean? Mario Mario Mario, your name's, your Mario yeah.

It's not Mario, yeah I'm, not Mario anymore.

Oh, what's up, are you guys? Okay, yeah yeah? Oh my gosh you're like what what I thought it was gone.

Hello, hello, English I do speak English, yet oh amazing I'm planning on coming to Mainland Spain soon.

Well, you should text me when you come this way.

Maybe I should maybe I should take your Snapchat.

Do you want my Snapchat wait? How old are you 19.? Okay, holy yeah, 18.? Okay, that's legal! That's good, yeah, wow, I'll, see you on Snapchat, bye or anything.

Thank you laughs.

It was here she there at the wrong time.

Thank you.

Ah, there we go.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I'm from Spain, nice, hello.

You guys speak English or Spanish, see: okay, try to speak Spanish.

What does that mean? It means I love.

You I love, you all right, damn really hello! Hi! Where are you from Spain wow, okay, foreign I? Don't forgive you! I came back for you guys.

Ask me a question: what was the question? No uh hello, how is your English, so good I've always been to American High Schools? What what okay all right, I'll stop! He's good he's! So fun he skipped.

But it's still! Oh! Oh you're back.

What did you guys say ing it's just a magic tree.

I like your eyebrows! Thank you.

Are you gonna take a picture of me: okay, yeah man? Okay, you can smile for me.

No I! You have to make me smile.

Make you smile foreign.

You just have a really pretty face.

You have a pretty face too.


What I, like your face? Hello! You can talk.

Why not? How can I make you talk? Damn you still don't talk.

You got myself.

Are you okay? Why not foreign? Damn you guys didn't even care that I left no I did, and why didn't you say anything the distance to it in it because, like you're used to it, how old are you then I'm gonna have to say pass you? How old are you I'm, 19.? Well, if I said I'm 18 in two months, because I am I'll, give you my snap and you text me in two months: okay, nah nah: what's your name David, he was, he was hey.

Did you hear that I heard something? What did you have I? Don't know like you're, hot Espanol? Oh yeah, I.


Are you guys? Okay? What are you guys doing here in Omegle? What are you doing here? Sorry, do you guys want me to leave again yeah? Oh, that's him! It's it's an app with filters! Yeah, look clever girl where you from it's fine, hola, como, estas, gracias, try to speak a little bit more means the woman come on.

Can you speak Spanish and let me guess what are you saying yeah? Where are you going? Oh, my God you're like actually gorgeous I, can't believe you're.

My thing it's actually gorgeous I mean oh, my God.

There is actually gorgeous and I'm actually going to England in a couple months.

Oh my god, do you want to come visit me I'm, not joking yeah.

Definitely, his eyes like you got lost in them.

No I! Don't really use NAB I'll start using it for you guys.

Where are you from insane Spain no way? What's your Snapchat I didn't say that so I did I.

Did you hear it? That was really awkward? Oh, my God.

Will you greet us if we come to Spain right book, our flight go to space where in Spain are you from where Madrid nice foreign? Are you with a friend, intercept this country? I'm, sorry, I didn't mean to me I even said I compliment.

You know.

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