How to Get a Taurus Man to Miss You (2023)

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Relationships are challenging, particularly long-term relationships.

Whenever two people try to share their lives together, it is necessary to compromise and balance competing needs.

If you are asking yourself the question of how to get a Taurus man to miss you, or a man of any other sign, for that matter, it is a red flag that there is a problem in your relationship.

In the case of a Taurus man, however, the problem may be one-sided. He may not feel like there is a problem at all.

Indeed, he may be perfectly content. You, on the other hand, may be feeling ignored or taken advantage of.

In your frustration, you may be thinking about how to make a Taurus man miss you so that he will pay attention to you.

While this is understandable, efforts to force or manipulate him into noticing you will be temporary fixes at best, and at worst, could damage your relationship beyond repair.

In this article, we will help you to negotiate your needs with his so that you will both be happy and fulfilled.

We will also help you understand a Taurus man and how he thinks and acts in relationships.

3 Ways to Get a Taurus Man to Miss You

Because of the nature of a Taurus man and the challenges of being in a relationship with him, trying to manipulate him to get him to miss you is not the answer.

The important thing is to find a way to balance your needs with his.

If you are in his life, he wants to keep you in it, and he wants to be secure in what you will do and how you will act.

So, any change you make will cause him to miss you, or at least, miss what he was used to.

Yes, it is good for him to have his routine shaken up from time to time, but you will damage your relationship if you do so too severely or too often.

With this in mind, here are some things you can do to find happiness in your relationship with him.

1) Determine your needs

In order to get your needs met, it is important to know what they are.

This is particularly true with a Taurus man, in that you will need to take the initiative and are likely to face resistance.

Below are some questions you may want to think about:

  • Are you an introvert or an extravert?
  • How much change and variety do you need in your life?
  • Do you prefer a calm and quiet existence or do you like a lot of passion and excitement?
  • Do you get bored easily and if so, are you able to entertain yourself?
  • How much attention and social contact do you need?
  • How much spontaneity do you want and need?

When thinking through these questions, do not consider your Taurus man or what he is capable of giving you at this time.

At this stage, you are looking at your own needs and desires and what you want and need from a relationship in the abstract.

Also, in your self-reflection, avoid being judgmental of yourself or your Taurus man.

There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. We are all different. Your needs are just as valid and important as his.

2) Manage your expectations of him

Now, that you have assessed your own wants and needs, it is important to be realistic in how much you can expect from your Taurus man.

While Sun Sign descriptions are useful, they are by necessity generalizations. In truth, no one is only one sign.

A full astrological reading will include the placement of all of the planets, and most people are a mixture of several signs. You can get a comprehensive free birth chart reading here.

With that in mind, your Taurus man may very well be more energetic and less sedentary than the one that I am describing in this article.

For this reason, it is important to think about your individual Taurus man and determine what he is able to give you.

There is a myth in the modern world that your partner is supposed to be the one to meet all of your needs, but this is unrealistic in most cases.

There is no point in expecting something from a partner that he cannot give. You may have to get some of your needs met elsewhere.

Your Taurus man most certainly wants you in his life, whether he shows you that or not.

He will try to please you to the best of his ability if he knows what you want and need. He will never stop being a Taurus man, though, no matter how much he tries.

3) Develop a routine

Even though your Taurus man is who he is, he can manage to give you much more in the way of attention, variety, and even excitement if there is an underlying routine.

Rather than making efforts to get a Taurus man to miss you, you are more likely to get what you want by negotiating with him directly to give it to you.

Having a set Date Night is a really useful practice with a Taurus man. During this Date Night, one of the rules could be that you have each other’s undivided attention.

If you need variety, you may want to have a “try something new” day on a regular basis.

If you are someone who wants and needs spontaneity, this may not be as satisfying as you would like, but it may need to be one of the compromises that you have to make.

Ignoring a Taurus man

How to Get a Taurus Man to Miss You (1)

As you are dealing with the frustration of trying to get your needs met, you may be tempted to ignore a Taurus man to get him to miss you. This will probably not get the results that you want.

A Taurus man wants someone around, but he does not want or need much overt attention. This is a quiet sign, and many Taurus men are introverts.

If you pay less attention to him, he may not notice or may even find it a relief. If it does bother him, it will only be because you have changed the routine.

For example, if he is used to you talking to him a lot, and you suddenly stop, it will bother him even if he is annoyed by constant chatter. This is because this is a change, and he does not like change.

So, rather than ignoring a Taurus man, a better approach is to change your routine somewhat.

Understand, however, that any change that you make will likely be met by complaints or resistance at first. This is not something to worry about or take personally.

In the mind of a Taurus man, any change, even good change, is difficult and scary.

Are Taurus men jealous?

Taurus men are extremely jealous. The motto of Taurus is, “I have,” and a Taurus man measures his life by his possessions. His possessions include all of his relationships.

This quiet and placid man can become a raging bull if he thinks that someone else is moving in on his partner.

Because of this, if you are thinking of how to get a Taurus man to miss you, you may be tempted to try to flirt with another man in his presence to make him jealous. This is a very bad idea.

He will usually be a stable and steady partner. Once he has formed a relationship with you, there is very little that you can do that will upset him enough to break up with you.

He will forgive and adjust to almost any fault or idiosyncrasy that you may have.

The only thing that he will not forgive is infidelity. So, yes, you will get his attention if you try to make him jealous, but you run a substantial risk that he may leave you.

Your only hope is to admit that you were trying to get his attention by making him jealous and beg his forgiveness, but it is by no means guaranteed that you will get it.

Now, if you are a person who enjoys flirting and likes a lot of male attention, you may not get enough from your Taurus man.

Because of this, you may be tempted to get it elsewhere. If this is the case, you will need reassure your Taurus man that he is the only one for you.

You also need to be careful to never let a flirtation go too far.

Being in a relationship with a Taurus man

How to Get a Taurus Man to Miss You (2)

With this sign, in almost every case, your real question is, how do you get him to give you the attention that you want and need.

With this in mind, let us look at the usual dynamics in a relationship with a Taurus man.

A Taurus man’s dream

Taurus is a quiet sign, with very simple wants and needs. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the middle sign of Spring.

The middle signs of any season are Fixed, meaning that they want and need routine and dislike change.

If you are a gardener or even have a houseplant or two, you know that transplanting or repotting plants is a precarious business.

If not done carefully, the plant will die. A plant needs to stay in one place to grow roots. It is the same for a Taurus man.

As such, a Taurus man’s dream is to have a comfortable house, perhaps with land. He wants a partner who will be with him and who he can count on to be there.

A Taurus man does not like to expend any more energy than he has to, so if he has a partner who will take care of him and his house and his land, he will be very happy.

He wants good food and good sex, and if his partner can provide those things for him, even better.

He also wants a comfortable chair to relax on. If he has his way, he will take ownership of the remote control and watch the same shows over and over again.

He likes the familiar and is uncomfortable with anything new.

Challenge for a partner

If you are not a Taurus native yourself, it is very likely that you will find a Taurus’ dream rather dull.

Even the other Fixed Signs, which are Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, generally want a little more variety and excitement than Taurus does.

Also, most people do want and need attention and appreciation, and few people like the feeling of being taken for granted. A Taurus man, however, wants someone that he can take for granted.

He wants to know when and how she will be available for him so that he can settle into a comfortable routine and does not have to fear change.

These issues create a natural tension for the partner of a Taurus man.

Also, the Taurus man’s ideal life is usually not very good for him either. Everyone, even a Taurus man, needs exercise and variety from time to time.

So, in a sense, the tension of having a partner with competing needs really does benefit him, whether he is aware of it or not.

So finding a balance between his desires and yours is not only good for you and for your relationship, but it is good for him as well.

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A Taurus man is a stable and steady partner, but he is not always the most attentive one. This may cause you to wonder how to get him to miss you.

Yet, any effort to manipulate him is likely to backfire. For this reason, with this sign, your efforts are better spent in trying to find a balance between his need for quiet and routine and your need for attention and passion.

What do you think? We would love to hear about how you manage your relationship with a Taurus man.


How to Get a Taurus Man to Miss You? ›

Here are some signs that a Taurus man misses you: He reaches out just to check in on you and express his care. He makes an effort to spend time with you or plan activities together. He remembers small details about you and your interests.

What can you do to make a Taurus man miss you? ›

How to Make a Taurus Man Miss You Like Crazy
  1. 1 Be mysterious in your conversations.
  2. 2 Be a little unavailable to him.
  3. 3 Encourage him to remember the good times you shared.
  4. 4 Give him a sweet gift that reminds you of him.
  5. 5 Show off your sense of humor over text.
  6. 6 Compliment him.
Dec 8, 2021

How do you know when a Taurus man misses you? ›

Here are some signs that a Taurus man misses you: He reaches out just to check in on you and express his care. He makes an effort to spend time with you or plan activities together. He remembers small details about you and your interests.

How do you make a Taurus man worry about losing you? ›

How to Make a Taurus Man Regret Losing You (11 Astrologer-Approved Tips)
  1. Press pause on contacting him.
  2. Work on yourself.
  3. Show off your success.
  4. Spend time around other people.
  5. Look your best and dress to impress.
  6. Wear your favorite fragrance when you see him.
  7. Bring up old memories from the good times.
Feb 9, 2022

Does a Taurus man think about me? ›

Here are some signs to look out for if you want to know if a Taurus man likes you: he introduces you to his friends or family, shares his innermost thoughts with you, puts in the effort to make sure that relationship lasts, values financial security and stability above all else, and always has your back no matter what ...

How to make a Taurus man commit? ›

If you want a Taurus man to commit, it is important to be open and flexible in how you approach the relationship. Be willing to compromise when needed and make any necessary sacrifices that will keep your relationship strong. Whether it's putting his needs ahead of yours at times or helping him achieve his goals.

How do you melt a Taurus heart? ›

Check out the tips provided below on how to get a Taurus man to become obsessed with you to improve your chances.
  1. Let Him Chase. ...
  2. Take The Initiative. ...
  3. Display Your Love. ...
  4. Don't Play With His Feelings. ...
  5. Be Well Groomed When You See Him. ...
  6. Praise Him. ...
  7. Prove Your Loyalty To Him. ...
  8. Show Off Your Freedom.
Dec 27, 2022

What is a Taurus secret desire? ›

Taurus is an earth sign that values stability and security. Their hidden desire is to be well-settled and accumulate wealth and possessions.

What makes a Taurus chase you? ›

Show him your loyalty.

Once he feels that he can trust you and that you care for him exactly as he is, he will want to chase you and deepen your relationship.

How does a Taurus man confess his feelings? ›

A Taurus guy shows his love through his consistent and gentle touch. It may be very subtle, but you will feel that he considers you more than just a friend. When a Taurus guy touches the woman he loves, it will be soft and gentle. It will make you feel safe and reassured.

When a Taurus is done with you? ›

1 He's no longer touchy-feely. 2 He isn't making an effort anymore. 3 He isn't responding to your romantic gestures. 4 He doesn't try to impress you with his appearance.

Should I tell Taurus man I miss him? ›

Honesty is the best policy with a Taurus man, so yes, tell him you miss him if that's how you really feel. The thing is that you have to do so with no expectations.

How do Taurus get over someone? ›

Taurus Moves On Once Convinced Relationship Over

Taurus is reluctant to let go of what they perceive as a stable home or life. Once Taurus finally accepts that your relationship is over, the bull will move on.

Will a Taurus man let you go? ›

Taurus is slow to commit to a relationship. But when they're in one, they give it their all. If the partner finds this to be a little too much to take, the relationship may end. But because of who they are, they do not readily give up on their ex-partner and ultimately rekindle their relationship.

What he thinks when you don t contact him? ›

He'll wonder if you miss him at all.

He might even go so far as to think you're already seeing someone else if he can't get in touch or see you on social media. This is a very uncomfortable time for him. He's struggling to understand why you're not responding to his texts, or what you might be feeling in return.

How do you make a Taurus man feel loved? ›

How to love a Taurus man
  1. Dote on him. ...
  2. Show him consistent attention. ...
  3. Prepare for one step forward, two steps back. ...
  4. Show him he's your one and only. ...
  5. Be sensual in bed. ...
  6. Be good with money. ...
  7. Appreciate his old-fashioned ways. ...
  8. Let things go.

Will a Taurus man come back after no contact? ›

It may take two weeks of no contact to spark a Taurus man's interest again. Or it may take three months. The point is, you need to have patience if you want to reel a Taurus man back in. It may be so long before he contacts you that you think he's lost interest and must be seeing someone else.

How do you make a man miss you like crazy? ›

27 simple ways to make him miss you like crazy
  1. Don't be available all the time. ...
  2. Play hard to get. ...
  3. Make him feel like a hero. ...
  4. Be the first to end the conversation. ...
  5. Make yourself hard to forget. ...
  6. Get together as a group. ...
  7. Ask for his help. ...
  8. Books a girls weekend away.

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