MORE Yannick Ngakoue Chicago Bears Rumors + Sign Marcedes Lewis Before Camp? PFF LOVES Bears LB Unit (2023)


Yannick Ngakoue to the Chicago Bears rumors are back as CBS Sports predicted that he would sign with the Bears. Ngakoue is the top free agent EDGE with Bears training camp exactly a week today. Go to and upgrade your closet with Rhone. Code CHATSPORTS gets you 20% off. Bears Now host Harrison Graham continues to push for Chicago to sign Ngakoue as his 9.5 sacks last season would easily be the most of any player on the Bears defense entering 2023.

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BearsWire believes Chicago should sign veteran TE Marcedes Lewis before Chicago Bears training camp. Lewis recently said that his agent is talking to a handful of teams and that he can still play at a high level. The veteran TE has experience with Luke Getsy and the Bears offensive scheme from his time with the Packers and he would serve as a quality TE3 behind Cole Kmet and Robert Tonyan.

Pro Football Focus 2023 Linebacker Rankings:
#1: San Francisco 49ers
#2: Chicago Bears
#3: Baltimore Ravens
#4: New Orleans Saints
#5: Cincinnati Bengals
#6: Kansas City Chiefs
#7: Seattle Seahawks
#8: Indianapolis Colts
#9: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
#10: Buffalo Bills

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CBS Sports EDGE predictions:
Yannick Ngakoue ➡️ Bears
Jadeveon Clowney ➡️ Saints
Justin Houston ➡️ Ravens
Melvin Ingram ➡️ Patriots
Jason Pierre-Paul ➡️ Chiefs

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Defensive Coordinator: Alan Williams
DL Coach: Travis Smith
LB Coach: Dave Borgonzi
Safeties Coach: Andre Curtis
CB Coach/Def. Pass Game Coordinator: Jon Hoke
Assistant DL Coach: Justin Hinds
Assistant DB Coach: David Overstreet II
Quality Control: Kevin Koch

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Foreign, we have a lot of Chicago Bears rumors to get into on today's episode of bears Now by chat sports, I'm, Harrison, Graham and Today's Show is sponsored by Rhone rocking one of their summer polos today, and you can as well and get 20 off when you use code chat sports when you go to Chad Sports at link and code are in the description and comments of this video believe it or not.

There are more Yannick and gakue rumors the story that keeps on giving CBS Sports kind of played Edge Matchmaker in a recent article, and they had the Bears signing in gakue in free agency, here's Jeff Kerr of CBS Sports.

He says the Bears could use significant help at pass, rusher, obviously, and only having Travis Gibson, Demarcus Walker and Rasheen green as their top three.

Why not bring it in gakway to help with the sack and pressure totals in Chicago? The playing time will certainly be there and I agree with that sentiment from Kerr I mean.

Obviously, though, Dominique Robinson into the mix.

That's your top four with Walker Green, Gibson and Dom Rob uh, but yanakin gakue is just a pure pass.

Rusher would be the best one that you have I mean you look at the sack totals from these guys from a year ago, with the three car mentioned in gakway, then I threw in Robinson as well and gakway 9.56.

That would lead the team based on last year, Demarcus Walker, who wasn't on the team seven last year, rasheem green, who also wasn't on the team three and a half.

Last year, Travis Gibson had three Dominique Robinson had one and a half the point being, is you certainly need more pass rush production, especially uh in terms of sack totals this team had 20 as a combined unit last year that was dead last in the NFL now CBS took a look at some other players as well and got way to the Bears, obviously also Devion, Clowney, to the Saints Justin Houston to the Ravens Melvin Ingram, to the Patriots Jason Pierre Paul, to the Chiefs and outside of jpp.

You know those top four I would take any of those and the point being when you look at yannickway his production, eight plus sacks over the last seven years.

There is no reason to not bring this guy into Chicago.

If you'd rather have uh someone else at Jadeveon, Clowney, uh, Melvin, Ingram or Robert Quinn I, don't really care I would prefer in gakway, but bringing someone in to help rust to pass rush.

The passer is a no-brainer.

In my opinion, I, don't know why it hasn't happened still have a month until training camp.

Exactly a month from today is the first practice, so it's not like you're under the gun to do it right now, but the sooner the better.

In my opinion, you need someone to help rush.

The passer now be honest with me, because I saw a commenter two.

The last time we talked about in gakway and I certainly understand.


Uh be honest.

Are you tired of the Yannick and Gokey Bears rumors type f, if you're tired type f for feed me, you need more of it.

If there's new reports, rumors you'll, take all of the stories.

Let me know, pin comment on today's show so reply right there that way, I can consume the data from our viewers watching t for tired or F for feed me all of the young like rumors.

Okay, next up is Mercedes Lewis we've talked about once or twice in the last couple of weeks.

It's just a name that I think we should at least keep tabs on at this point, Bears wire, the latest Outlet, to say that the Bears should consider signing Lewis before training camp uh.

Now Mercedes Lewis in a recent interview had this to say he says his agent isn't talks with a handful of teams, but it's just small talk.

I guess teams are trying to figure out their rosters and what they need.

But if you just look at my film from the last three years, there's no decline in what I'm able to do I'm the best blocking tight end out there now coming up in just a moment, I will kind of expand on my thoughts, give my thoughts around Lewis and whether or not I think he's a good fit.

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Chatsports, chat, sports, that's, chat, sports code, chat sports, get you 20 off today, all right more on Mercedes Lewis, you look at his PFF grades, he's not going to offer a ton as a receiving tight end he'll.

Obviously you know check down situation, he'll catch the football, but he's not working the seam or anything like that.

But again it's a blocker really good in a pass.

Blocker good run blocker as well he's right about that when he says he's, one of the best blocking tight ends out there and again uh we've talked about this Cole come at Robert, Tanya, good one to punch, uh who's.

Your third guy, though Chase Allen, who spent last year on the practice squad Jake tonjas, who was kind of a fullback tied into hybrid last year on and off the 53-man roster Stephen Carlson, who they brought in after rookie minicamp uh, has spent some time with the Browns like.

Who is that third guy, at this point in time, I don't know I, don't know if you have a great option, I think Mercedes Lewis is the perfect tight end three, because he's a vet he's reliable and he blocks? Well, you don't need your third tight end catching touchdowns.

You need your third tight end to block uh in the Run game and protected quarterback when he checks into the game.

That's it and that's what Mercedes Lewis does he knows the offense he's familiar with Luke getsy him and Robert Tanya have a good relationship.

I would get this done if he's interested in coming here and if the Bears uh are interested I, don't know why they wouldn't be it shouldn't cost them.

Hardly anything.

Should the Bears sign, Mercedes, Lewis, Type, S for sign or P for pass again.

I, don't see the downside here, in my opinion, so get your votes in s for sign or P for pass when it comes to the Chicago Bears.

Okay, as we shift to our next storyline here, Pro Football Focus rank the Bears linebacker unit as the second best in the NFL.

You look at their rankings here, uh going into this upcoming season and obviously that's a big shift right.

The Bears linebacker unit last year was terrible, but only the 49ers on paper is better uh than the Bears.

According to PFF, you've got the Ravens with roquan Smith former bear sitting there, the Saints Bengals Chiefs, Seahawks, Colts, bucks and bills.

Sorry bills.

We took Tremaine Edmonds off your hands but heading into this season.

High expectations for this unit, and there should be because the Bears invested heavily in the position.

Here's Dalton Wasserman of Pro Football Focus.

He says Tremaine Edmonds uh arrives from Buffalo after a long-awaited breakout that saw massive increases in overall and coverage grades.

At the latter, Mark along with 10, pass breakups LED all qualified linebackers, then TJ Edwards comes with less Fanfare, but was the unsung hero of the Eagles defense.

He played nearly 1200 snaps and graded above 78 against the run in coverage and as a pass rusher, which added up as the sixth best overall grade 81.6 at the position and then Jack Sanborn.

Two second year player provides a good compliment as a rugged Sam type linebacker and Maddie refluis's 4-3 defense.

He showed flashes of Talent last year, posting 80 plus grades in his last two games and remember you ended last year with Jack Sam, born by far as your best linebacker and at best he's your third now behind Edmonds and Edwards you're drafted Noah Sewell, who I think can be a good player.

Dylan Cole is a really good.

Special teams, player and last year had his most playing time at linebacker as well.

With the Titans I mean you go five deep there.

This unit can be really really special, whereas last year after you, trade, roquan Smith, you were like this unit sucks, so that was certainly an area of emphasis.

This off season, I think an area that Ryan pols did well in uh to revamp this unit and, quite frankly, it might be the best unit on your roster if all the pieces meshed together.

Now, what do you think is the best position group on the Bears right now? Is it linebacker? Is it running back? Maybe if you like that group, is it wide receiver? Let us know in the comments below what the best position group on the Bears is heading into 2023.

All right guys appreciate everybody who made it to the end of the video.

If you want more bearish content, follow me on Instagram hgram NFL.

Remember once we hit 5 000 Instagram followers, I'm gonna do an IG live uh shortly after that happened, so help us out we're like 700 followers away over there so spread the word we'll do some Instagram live content soon, once we get to 5K, my name is Harrison Graham, we'll see you next time here on Bears now, foreign.

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