Person of Interest - All Root/Shaw scenes - Part4 (S04) (2023)


And here it is! The video you all have been waiting for! :D
Part 4 of all Root/Shaw scenes - from episodes 4x01 to 4x07 (with a little extra: a bit of that touching dialog between Root and Harold on 4x05.

You can find parts 5 and 6 on vimeo:

This 4th season has been great so far, and has fueled the Shoot ship to a whole nother level! We almost don't even need fanfic, because the show does it all!

No copyright infringement intended.
All clips on this video are from Person of Interest, that belongs to CBS.


Okay, this uh day job thing not really working out.

Sorry Sam, you need an identity and you need to trust the Machine wait.

The Machine put me in the silly s job see how many way to keep you alive enough, Samaritans radar for what it's worth I, really like the new look you're.

Definitely an autumn I could stab you with my stiletto enough already now.

Why don't we get new numbers? Keep it down.

The machine.

Has its reasons stay in character? Follow the calendar on the phone I gave you check angler, maybe find a match.

A match, isn't a date that guy, but for now I need you to make me look good new job interview.

Just promise me Johnson barista didn't teach you knots and Girl Scouts.

Are you checking up on me? I worry about you.

Smith I also a black-tie dinner.

Tonight they need a new polish, something old, oh and you should check your calendar I think you have a coffee date, no way machine.

Stuck me in this retail hell, there's no way.

I'm wetting it near my love life.

She has a reason for everything, even if sometimes it requires you to act like a well-adjusted member of society, trust her get the engine running kiss-kiss to you too.

Whatever this is, you have 29 seconds just taking in your jogging wrong room.

Let's get the orientation online.

I've got this no burning questions, just one why these covers are supposed to make us look ordinary.

So why would the Machine make me a criminal criminals? Are ordinary sameen every city's got only 13 seconds.

Only two mistakes.

You can make that'll put you on anyone's radar number one getting caught getting caught if I apply even half my skills and training you'll be making mistake, number two drawing too much attention.

You can be a good thief, just not too good you're a b-plus thanks for the rousing pep talk.

That's what I'm here for see your number, not very popular pollster, pooched election.

Why are you here machine one of me here that you are where's the perky psycho you're creeping me out.

Do this to me, get your hands off me.

Come on buddy! Let's go Simon's got a tough act to follow, don't Simon I need to reschedule no Commissioner.

This can't wait.

An employee was just arrested, really not a great time any chance.

The Machine clued you in to what's going on, one could have tampered with him.

The way this guy's stonewalling, maybe he's in on it in Elstad, Simon fine.

He just said that the auto dolly went rogue.

This is why she wanted me here.

It's all connected he's got a gun forgot something Harold Simon was about to be caught in the crossfire worked skewed.

That's only what was meant to look like what Simon solder calls the modes, the emails.

The election was fixed by something that could manipulate electronic signals without a trace, Samaritan rigged the election.

Now it's cleaning up Samaritan has begun to intervene in visibly in human affairs and it's killing to cover it up.

It profiles unstable people like that great it anonymously sent evidence to get him fired and arrested.

Knowing it's now he was an unwitting hitman he'd killed.

The commissioner and Simon would be collateral damage.

I told you.

This is bigger than you.

You must be so lonely.

How long has it been since the machine spoke to you? There's no need to lie to me when the machine speaks.

You seem so full of life purpose, but lately you seem lost.

She was supposed to remake the world how God's on the run I have to keep going.

So sorry, the world must seem very dark to you given without her I can still see the edges of the tapestry.

The world is dark for everyone and Harold things are gonna, get much darker.

Look to your right, Simon snuck in since no one's returning.

His calls he's taken the fight to Perez he's gonna confront her in the middle of her own party, cold war's about to turn on okay, I've sabotage the electronics in Simon's room.

Okay, he's contained I'll head out figure out an extraction.

If the worse comes to pass.

If you could give Shaw a message, I think she already knows, we will win this war, it fleas you there's no chance in hell.

All of us make it out alive.

You have to be prepared for that rude.

Are you all right? I, don't see your Herald, it's been a fun ride, any word from route.

It's going to be a long fight, but it must be won at any cost.

Nothing unlocks doors like a beautiful woman, he's hot I mean not good until ties in the CIA safe house with ten hours to kill hot, but welcome to champagne me, you kind of get it root.

What the hell are you doing? Harold wanted me off the streets for a while after my latest brush with Samaritan, so I thought I'd help keep an ear on you.

He is a dangerous criminal after all, I just couldn't bear it.

If anyone hurt you I mean besides me.

So what do you need me for I can think of several things: mm subtle, not bad, but uh.

For now.

Let's just keep it professional now I'm willing to guess that last night's job was a test to check the NYPD's response time, which means that you have something bigger in mind.

See now that was subtle.

So are you ready for another score that not so much? Maybe but I'm not the kind of man who likes to rush a perfectly planned job is a kind of seduction.

I was looking wanting turning your target around in your mind and then move closer, rushing past, making contact just to see what will happen and when everything's ready and when everything is right.

All of that preparation pays off in one sudden, intense crashing moment he's good.

The line like that would never work on a trained operative.

Like do you want to get out of here.

It was probably the same client who hired Tomas in the first place.

Nobody else knew about the robbery plus paying those two to kill.

Tomas is cheaper than paying all three well, it is I'm sure not having the machine in your ear anymore sucks in all, but it is pretty great finally being able to sneak up on you.

I have lived to amuse where's Tomas halfway to Barcelona.

He gave me a pretty hard sell, trying to get me to go with him and for a hot second I almost did my I guess there are things I care about here, and is that why you came to see me no I need you to translate Finch's instructions on how to destroy the virus.

Dude never met a five-syllable word.

He didn't like both decontamination.

This can take all night.


Did Root and Shaw sleep together? ›

Shaw gets in touch with the team by pretending she is conspiring to murder someone, and Root finds her and helps to extract the chip before taking her to the safehouse (although she says it is "her place"). Root and Shaw sleep together that night.

What episode does Shaw and root get together? ›

Episode 11 is a pivotal episode for the Root/Shaw relationship, as it is the episode in which the relationship becomes unequivocally canon.

Why was Shaw off of Person of Interest? ›

What was the reason for Shaw's prolonged absence from the show? This is explained by Sarah Shahi's pregnancy. Shahi has said that on Person of Interest she did all of her own stunts, so continuing to work on the show presented obstacles [via EW].

What episode does Shaw come into Person of Interest? ›

"Relevance" is the sixteenth episode of the second season of the American television drama series Person of Interest.

Is Shaw in Season 5 of Person of Interest? ›

In July 2015, executive producer Denise Thé teased the return of Shaw to the series, saying "You haven't seen the last of Shaw." In August 2015, Sarah Shahi confirmed her return to the series, stating she would appear in 8 or 9 episodes of the season.

What happens to Root in poi? ›

Sadly, an operative lies in wait along their route and aims at Finch through a sniper scope; Root swerves to save him but takes the bullet in his place. Finch later learns Root died of her wound and vows to destroy the Samaritan.

Who kills Shaw? ›

There is a brief standoff, where Chuck tries to convince Shaw that what he is doing is not really him. As Shaw is about to shoot him, sure that Chuck would be able to return fire because of his history, Chuck pulls the trigger, and shoots Shaw three times in the chest.

Does Shaw get the intersect? ›

After Chuck's escape from custody, Shaw takes Sarah and Casey into custody as bait. However, Chuck and Stephen Bartowski instead locate the Ring base where Shaw downloads his Intersect. There it is revealed that Dr. Kowambe's research was used to save his life.

Who is Shaw in Mr Love? ›

Shaw is the younger brother of Gavin with four years apart. He appears later in the game by guiding and advising the MC on what she needs to do. He is currently on the wanted list.

Why is Shaw not in season 4? ›

Series executive producer Greg Plageman stated that the reason for Shaw's sacrifice was mainly due to actress Sarah Shahi's pregnancy with twins. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Shahi said about the decision, "When you become a parent, that task takes priority over everything.

What happens to Fusco in Person of Interest? ›

In the end, the Machine defeated Samaritan and lived on. Shaw survived and took Bear. Fusco got his cheeseburger, a questionable new chapter of his life in front of him. And Finch got the opportunity for the most elusive gift: a chance at a normal life as he reunited with Grace (Carrie Preston).

What happens to Reese in Person of Interest? ›

Guided by the Machine, Reese holds off the Samaritan agents but is gunned down moments before a cruise missile destroys the building. Reese's sacrifice allows the Machine to destroy Samaritan and Finch honors his sacrifice by returning to his fiancée and a normal life.

What happens to Shaw on Person of Interest? ›

At the end of the simulation, Shaw chooses to end her own life instead of killing Root. A sweeping romantic gesture within the world of Person of Interest.

Who is Mrs Shaw Person of Interest? ›

Sarah Shahi: Sameen Shaw.

Is Root a villain in Person of Interest? ›

The whole plan was for her to get close to them and kidnap Finch. Root proved to be a deadly and sinister villain who was willing to do whatever it took to get what she wanted, which was for the Machine to be “set free”.

How did Root know about the machine? ›

She learned about its existence offscreen after an event that occurred near the middle of season 1. Root was involved in one of Reese and Finch's previous missions. She had concocted a clever scheme, but it was foiled by Reese and Finch; however, Root did succeed in hacking into Finch's network.

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