Person Of Interest View From The Machine (2023)


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I hi mom its Jessica.

What exactly you got me into I, don't know, that's the whole point passed along to the NSA, the FBI and the irrelevant information.

What did I tell you about.

I got tired of your work.

Okay, usual place.

I got a job for you, I priority triple your usual B.

What's the name, it's gone who's that much fun.

We're so worried about it together, I don't know, but we need to figure it out fast.

What you hit looks like your taxi ride, paid off, Finch Latimer, just called me.

He wants me to meet the team tonight.

Excuse me: hey fetch, just got the call Ken's picking me up, I, don't know what happened.

We probably got in before the cops were honest Joey and the new guy used to give you the money yeah, how thoughtful of them you guys.

Let me down scrub.

Well, I'll make it up to you got to give us another chance all right.

Every time, I close my eyes, I see him.

He won't stop.

Maybe I'm already dead.

I know it's late.

It was my fault.

I know that now I tried to put it out of my head, but I can't dance I, know: I the doctors, stalking Ben, the three hits on Kate Lehman, the same pseudonym she gave to Benton.

Tell me this has been the craziest week.

It's me, I know it's late, she's, fine I have a van yeah.

We've got a problem.

Absolutely not not anyone and he's dead, quiet and you'll hear from us tonight.

I cracked, the sale company's firewall spotters phone was purchased with cash, we'll find it and find out who took it Finch.

You know I am here.

You know how I feel I can't fight it anymore.

What we're doing is wrong.

What you got Arnie I told you I'd handle it.

I've got him boat I'm.

On my way, pertinency eel Robert Keller is expected to appear in court today, alongside CFO and son-in-law Mark Lawson to answer charges of fraud.

Conspiracy and murder pertain ins, migraine drug side he's on his way there now, but do we assume he knows assume he knows everything things I can't find on computers, you're the new guy right, let's go somewhere private, so we can talk.

Werner is a Wall Street lawyer, I called Warner's assistant.

He has lunch at the same place every day, I'm on my way the car accident was faked.

She was his wife and she betrayed him to a man like Cole.

That makes her just as much a target I found their physician mr.


But how do you intend to stop them tonight? You later snobby mom, there's a man here with me.

He wants to talk to you.

Cole wants to meet in the park.

He said he wouldn't hurt.

The girl of his wife came alone, she's, not going anywhere alone.

This be advised possible obstruction in the vicinity of Central, Park perpetrator, male aged 60, plus victim female age 23.

Getting too close enough already.

She goes today, but it's got to be clean.

All units respond, an Autobot want to tell me where you were a vise once quarter gone possible here, use someone with motive in YPG, open up bench, Carter's called an ESU unit, - Hector's warehouse in Queens they're, getting ready to knock on the door as we speak.

Hey Taylor, Bailey, I'm running a little late I'll, be there soon Elias got to Carter, see I turned him into his triggerman.

Is she safe for now time to end this Finch once and for all any side of the kid? No still looking? No, we should not trust it.

Damn kids always been reckless.

We have to be straight with you.

Some things, don't add up.

Finch I'm at Claire's apartment something's up what the hell are you doing here, I saw it.

I saw the crafts, oh, my god, put that stuff he's cocaine.

What do you found him he's dead, money's gone, he got cameras might need some help.

Kamran yeah reading defeats it up got eyes on Reis, kill the cameras.

It's time to come home.

John sites been wiped clean.

You know, that'll, never happen a once.

I'd, like you to handle one of these meetings, while I lurk in the shadows have a little faith, Nathan in you or in the machine.

Okay, mister, hey Finch! Did you get out of there Finch? Yes, that joke never gets old at a park in the Festa, a Syrian businessman drops his phone first Bob picked it up.

If I just focus on your computer.

We're gonna leave the constitutional concerns to us, because I'm, a citizen I, don't know what to do anymore.

How else to say? No he's always right there.

Even when I can't see him, I can feel his eyes on me.

First NYPD I need a jacket now you're representing my jacket, NYPD homicide, John, Dalton, - surveillance, training on the planet, I come home and things have moved like he's been inside my apartment, I'm scared of what are you gonna do I'll be ready when the next number comes funny.

You should mention that I can hear you any sign of our mr.


Are you at the safe house yet heading there now hello? Will you accept a collect call from Metropolitan, Detention Center Brooklyn, be sure, he's the right guy he's perfect unsuspecting college student who had been on winter break 9-1-1? What is your emergency higher shot week? This super sorry, all circuits are busy at this time you and I need to talk.

My delivery was intercepted.

Captain I'm missing two couriers Finch Darrin's run off probably to go after break again, and this time he's got the gun they used to kill.

His brother got a problem.

Pinched Cahill's on the move, nearly 3:00 in the morning.

Any idea where he's going no, but whatever he's up to can't be good bro, I vargas was talking about being paid up with HR the same corrupt, a one-man sment Papa Tony for what a lot of this works, but you seem too much we'll clean it up.

Whatever it takes, - ch we've got a Wall Street trader that Gamble's millions by day fights and bars at night.

Jeff Carter just sign right here.

Let's Adam up to now.


E's, did you find Sydney Baylor thought that was blunt-force trauma to the head mysteries.

We have many safe houses in the city, but who are they Adam told me to talk to Victor said he would have to know um.

You know he's got a friend in the SEC, some bigshot broker.

Huh can touch hey fetch.

What's your Hester up tail can I, give you a hand with that I'm.

Taking a look at this third apartment, Finch, hey Finch, our ecstasy cup, just woke up over those guys, I'm afraid they may be in the drug trade, and they think you are too hope.

You're enjoying your tea, Finch I'm gonna.

Take a closer look at Hester's, you're homicide, sometimes I wonder what kind of man I'd be if she hadn't been killed, I hear people change when they lose a parent, especially when that parent is murdered.

We did Go Daddy back pop.

We could do this all night.

It all comes down to a matter of trust.

The crew consists of what are we looking at these pictures? You fit up.

So what's your story? John I've, just flagged a gray vans license plate.

Next, stop is that's inconsequential.

Now Fatima's on site they've got their owners and we've got ours I'll! Let you know when it's done.

Bird flu must have been a cover, places under quarantine, sure we're being told the whole story here.

Sorry, mr.

Reece I got a hit on Tommy's burner phone.

He last ejected from the Royce motel you're telling me this guy killed two of our men and took off with all the platinum.

Maybe it's beginner's luck.

Father just had a visit from your old colleagues in the CIA copy that hey, we got a lead on Ruiz and I said North Korea's dissident group helped an injured CIA operative escape from a town near Ordos, China may 2010 Ordos Musburger, yeah I, said pointing us to a bank account on a Grand Cayman same account was accessed two days ago at a bank across the street from the Royal Manhattan hotel.

Maybe there as she left the apartment night.

Yes, detective, Carter welcome to New Rochelle glad to see you took me up on my offer: Jessica Orange I'm, watching Sarah's apartment and I'm tracking the GPS on her.

We never had this conversation, but I wanted to.

Thank you personally for your work on the Dubai report.

If you hadn't flagged Karl Foster, he was the key to the whole thing you saved our asses.

Thank you, sir I want to know what goes on in packs office and since we can't get signals out, I'll have to charm my way.

In there the index office blocks I'm, sorry to keep calling, but it's really important, because some guy headquarters just told me he was in a meeting.

Please definitely need to protect him.


Reese, you can't have gotten far I'll use the bug to track him down.

Is this pack I've gotta hit mr.

Reese, you I believe mr.

Peck is planning to break into the NSA.

We got a bolo on that guy.

Take him to detective Carter at the 8th.

Please just listen! They've taken my job just harvest the predecessors failed and now packs reaching out to the press he's meeting a reporter tomorrow.

I want you to silence them.

Both will be there.

Good location target works.

Downtown pearl is responding.

It's me should take care of the shrink.

Not yet too many cops in the neighborhood.

We'll need to lay low in hotel till morning security, human, miss Morgan, any luck, finding the person who hired HR to kill Touring's, not yet glad to hear it.

I'll contact you.

When I'm in position, someone paid Hans to become Turing's patient I'm, going back to her office to see if I can dig up anything else and Harold got word there on the freight elevator.

You can cut him off in 25 mr.

Reese I'm in position watching us listening to us he's in danger now because he was working for you, so you're gonna help me get him back there we go now.

Can you see me excellent next question? Who am I.

You knew what we were building here.

This thing looks for plotters schemers who built it to stop terrorists before they could act, this machine you're building you would go to jail, I, don't suppose it? Let us be cellmates.

Knowledge is not my problem, doing something with that knowledge.

That's where you'd come in! Sooner or later, both of us will probably wind up dead.

If something ever happens, I have a contingency.

We got a new number Caroline Turing.

She put the hit on herself.

She was trying to lure you out to the open she wasn't looking for me.

She was looking for him so nice to finally meet you Harold.

You can call me root he's in danger now because he was working for you, so you're gonna help me get him back.

My chemist Harold.

What are you gonna have? Can you see me now? You're, not gonna, help me find him huh something wrong.

Lionel, I entrusted him to you.

Okay time for a little test, drive see what you can do.

Well, you can't do that again.

Your job is to protect everyone not to protect me.

I guess we're gonna have to discuss some ground rules.

I think you've got me wrong.

It's a minister hotel, so nice to finally meet you Harold.

You can call me root.

When she took Finch root, killed a former intelligence operative named Alicia Quarles.

You should be trying to figure out what I want and where we're going.

Where are we going get your Harold I got a lead on Finch know what mystery was.

They know I, think I found out where she's from thank you Bennett's, coordinate axis amazing.

Of course, I.

Remember, I, think I jargon too hard.

You knew I'd help him.

Didn't you it's like a thump, Colin's hideaway, sorry I took so long.

I just landed in Maryland I'm at he's, making a play for it wants to be the man in charge.

I got other ideas of what to do with her I'll.

Take care of that explains the body gum, John Randall one photo opportunity I'm here to check on that body.

A chordal about I was able to hack the rump Carter.

Tell me you felt Gabi back in the day, people understood things like respect, loyalty, honor those days at God.

So what you want to do only one thing to do: take care of it prince taking off Eddie's, happy birthday.

Kenny the mayor's office is up for grabs and City Councilman Ted Griffin threw his hat in the ring to the new candidate for mayor assistant, DA, Landon Walker.

This thing is a bloodbath, Griffin and Walker are neck and neck ya.

Hear that's about to change that reporter Maxine Angelis.

She says one of Griffin's money.

Men has been cooking the books who the hell are.

You got the right choice: son, hey kiddo, its dad Maxine Angelis Zambrano May order, her execution.

For simply remember your name is John Anderson.

You like walking your dog, he wasn't breathing.

The gate guard told me they were using those badges to do.

Favors Vidia wants to extend the trial separation another six months.

Neither one of us is willing to bring up the D word while they move to this see the black smudges in the air vent cowboy and the taxi driver for yourself boy and shine even know where Wyler is.

Your exit is clear.


Reese I'm waiting in a car around the corner.

Why there's turning state's evidence in hopes for reduced sentence, I, suppose now the courts will decide what's best for him a double-check, but it seems we have a repeat number repeat after the renovations.

You won't even recognize his old surgical, suites anymore O'banion gang members shot a territory dispute or, as always, someone in a personal life.

That's the thread fit I'm in Mattie's office, mr.

Reese, with her computer, perhaps I can discover the connection between Belk and Wesley I'm at the park now Finch I pinpointed the snipers.

This is a professional team Finch.

If they were brought on to execute this plan, someone is paying them.

Would you take this hi babe I thought you were in surgery, please by you plenty of time to loiter Henry Brooks.

He was the Drake's first investor and still owns 5% of the company.

Daniel Drake is leaving the restaurant - tracking devices come with remote Finch drags it back at their office, sounds more like disgust.

Any component, yeah I, remember Santiago, perfect timing for a frame job better, find out what he's got himself mixed up in.

Do you mind if all over here cabbie you want to make $500? Give me your number Circle.

The block.

Wait for my call.

You get the other half when you pick me up I'm right on him.

Not all of them appear to be soaked.

I just got word from Elias.

He says no more business with HR, most whom really dead or in jail anyway.

At this point, you got a wonder: who's even left, calling in except we sit up on me, talk to alliances, guys detective meeting with the licensed guys is on for this morning.

I'll come and pick you up count me out.

You got one too many skeletons in the closet to be calling the shots here, not to mention a couple buried in the ground.

They can always be dug up.

Fine I'll, be there.

You don't need me for this, taking the bridge into Queens what the hell is going on.

The CI of yours, mr.

Ruiz have managed to connect with t mandate on the black market.

We've agreed on a price for the last.

If you open it, no sign of Arena cap anywhere and no one knows anything about the laptop still out there on the black market.

My dad, if you're watching this you'll know I'm in trouble, I've always tried to be good.

Keep the rules now I'm going to break them in a big way.

Big problem you'll find him at the Department of City Planning.

What's happened, let's go Cal Alonzo Quinn.

Can we meet Tyrol, Park, say 30 minutes? No problem systems, backup Carter I, need to see you immediately subway train operator, 48:27, there's been an accident I, couldn't stop the train in time and I hit a kid.

I think he might have been pushed mr.

principal while reminding you that a Brooklyn school of science and humanities closes probably yeah.

Yes, detective Fusco, you have some new information for me.

As a matter of fact, they do just detective I planted that webcam for you.

Whoever this drug dealer is he's careful, maybe ride home bars right down there.

I'd like that Thanks grade your quizzes.

Some of you have been paying attention.


Carter time is ticking away fast for our friend in Rikers.

Don't worry, I know what to do.

You worry about the kid I'll take care of Lorenzo dispatch officer.

Murphy regard his subway fatality 1080 on the backup request, 10 5 officer, cancel backup, request affirmative, say it to me again slowly, detective Carter has our friend in Rikers been released.

Almost I'm gonna meet him now the man in the suit you still want to catch him.

Yeah, that's of course John you're not gonna, make it arrow.


We have a problem, your man, in the suit we got all of them, put them all another DNA evidence from New Rochelle or the blood from the burned car, and thanks to you, fingerprints, these hours, I, don't want you crossing any kind of line dude this already deleted them from the network -.

Now we have to deal with a DNA sample.

What's going on, I thought the evidence cleared these gosh.

It's all too neat.

There's only one person that I know I can trust him.

No, you are I know you were a senior interrogator in Iraq I.

Want you to put those military skills to use start with him.

Got him straight off the servers at wright-patterson.

Have you ever killed? Anyone have you don't know what you're talking about Kampai Oh see the play so John you pass.

Finally caught up all right, I know: what's going on here, all right, Carter get in there with Warren and break him drop your gun.

We believe someone inside the Pentagon sold.

We believe someone you should eat something done morning.

I can offer you what your old employers couldn't.

Backups I'll tell you where to go from Wi-Fi anonymity before hacking, the Department of Defense, detective well, I'm, afraid a name is all I have for you for someone who seemingly does not exist on any known database.

Perhaps you'll have better luck in your search than I did Barry.

This is not just teen.

Is a weekly visit to a mr.

Reese I switch Pierce's titanium card for one with a listening device.

Pierce is headed to Coney Island I'm on it something's not right.

Elementary uses an advanced algorithm to predict.

I put the billionaire to bed Finch.

We need to meet I'm headed back to the club.

Now now either we move on to the next thing together or we don't you decide.

What are we doing here fit? Did you see it happen? No, but she did.

She saw everything where's, the girl.

Now have you sure you can keep her safe? Of course.

Did you know that the first I just finished a run on 12 I'll head up a spot located past the elevator Bank, our spotters headed back downstairs, Finch where's, Mira she's in the kitchen, taking a break well I'm, going to check out his room.

All right, I'd like to start with a few basic questions.

Do exactly as I say he's been asking too many questions.

How are we dealing? It seems to me we have the solution, an ad, listen! You got the wrong guys, any sign of our guy Baek T, whatever Baek DS into these guys were willing to kill a cop to protect it.

How's New, York, cold, I'm meeting with Wilson tonight we took care of coal sure you should really come in Sam any chance.

You were followed it's time to end this tonight, get a team ready.

Yes, sir, this is the best day of my life, all right, Finch I'm.

Here mr.

Reese got eyes on Lou Finch, you're, killing me Jenn.

Killing me better luck tomorrow, I think we're up against a group of corrupt cops.

They steal the drugs the cash and they kill all the witnesses.

Stills US, narcotics, yeah I, know damn well what happened to detective stills and so does detective Fusco I'll tell you everything you want to know.

I know number is receiving an award today, Finch three decades of teaching.

In these trying time we received some new information on an old case.

Who was it I need to know? First, we need to get your affairs in order.

You're right, I need to see my daughter.

How did it go at Rikers detective? Not so good, but I did find something on one of your names as a relic done.

Oh, don't worry.

Honey I was able to crack the virus's code and learn the name decima technologies I believe they created the virus infect single target the machine.

Unlike the CIA, my employers, they have an inkling of what happens next.

Just thought it needed a switch just a case.

That's storm on the horizon.

That I mentioned I'm.

Afraid it's arrived.

Yes almost.

How did we get your phone number? If mr.

Thornhill was not in the car, then where was he? What can I do for you? Carter, sometimes I, write boss says it's time.

Take her out of the equation and now roots back in New York.

It's me! So, if you're like me, no no you're, not you following me.

Now we have operatives at every pay phone in exchange.

I'm having that now, where is it the New York Public Library? Did you now the fun's just getting started? Okay o'clock? Fine? How about a car we can use! That's like just a puckish bucket with a video that has possession.

He just brought the boy.

What was the plan? Where's cut laptop? You wanted to kill.


Tell me about the ferry beginning to understand how you acquired such a dip.

I called it.

A couple of fairs where's bear time for each at Lawrence and you're the last person who can tell us about Northern Lights.

We were contracted to build elegant, intuitive the ferry.

That's where the Lord worked.

That's where North mine says so that's where moods headed our friend is going to talk to the press.

You can't allow that to happen.

He's a public figure making it disappear will be complicated.

It seems to me we have the solution.

Did you now Finch? You think we'll ever get another number I, don't know, get a team ready, I appreciate your is office.

Can't say we didn't already know Finch.

First time we met Shaw, shot me back to the boat by midnight.

When I was a kid computers made more sense to me than people.

He said you wanted to set the Machine I already did my name is route Robin.

Did you hear anything? I just said checked every bar in Hell's Kitchen, hey [, __ ], our sander took fire.

It's gonna need some help.

We really haven't talked about your family or friends Robin.

What are we doing here? I thought it would be good for us to resume our dialogue everything's in place good.

Let's begin I'm in Finch Finch lifetrace conflated his profile with he's making his way to the Mayfield.

This is happening.

Someone is screwing with me.

Can't you see that fix this I made a call to riverton's home office seems Collier just arrived at Murphy's apartment, no man we're still searching hospitals.

You seem calmer today Robin anything on the women Murphy's stalking.

What's different about you tonight.

What on our boat on Long Island Sound where's your husband, he was here when I fell asleep.

We have a new number.


Reese, now she's, all alone, hey you're, not gonna, believe this [ __, ] I just saw an accident, a tire blew and the driver lost control.

Please send someone, you guys have the girl yet closing in she has help.

We got a problem.

I've seen anything like it.

[ __, ] bug in my library have mana.

Yet have you we're gonna have so much fun together, he's digging around getting way too close.

Should we silence him? We can't let him jeopardize our operation, put it to a vote, this mission? Okay, so you don't know what we're doing.

Can you at least tell me what we're doing the next breaking-and-entering UV lamp Emre? Oh joy, we got it.

I believe I know who tried to burn us alive.

Lasky Simmons, go see you pal, Murat, so I think he needs your help.

Bia to interrogate indefinitely now still searching Greenfields apartment Finch.

How do you know my name? You learn your lesson.

Last ski six feet: I didn't skip good to see you out of the hospital mr.

Sloane you're, looking well I can't.

Thank you guys enough.

We're gonna believe what the Swede has been doing going to therapy.

How much does the therapist know when bluejacking hayden didn't work? I sent him a basket of I'm, so gonna shoot this Punk something's, not right, hey Finch! We need to find out why everyone's so interested in the Swede, so Hayden's patient is an antiques dealer and he spent a million dollars on a baseball card and then tossed it into some cabinet like it was junk turns out.

The Swede wasn't going to a real therapist.

He was spilling his guts to a con man we'll do it two-for-one special and take out the therapist.

Also what the hell is going on Oh detective.

Have you found out how the antique dealer is connected to a charge, money laundering, I'm meeting my source now I need you to hold off on the antique dealer.

You missed me leave a message: Laskey I'm, outside your place, the politicians come and go, but we'll be here forever.

Beach is looking for answers.

I always told Cal to be careful.

Mina cops, a dangerous job, HR rebuilt itself from ashes cuz, we didn't come ahead if we had count, might still be alive, I'm playing by different rules.

Now until I can bring down the boss.

Who do you want same as report to who calls the shots? Those bastards think they can steal from me.

Then they're gonna reap what they sow, hurt anything Lionel.

If you're looking for info on HR I got something you want to see all departments reeling read your file.

Carter I got your messages Fusco, all ten of them hey.

It's me I need you to grab yoga office.

Men, keep it quiet, no blood on the streets, nicolai.

Where the hell are you we know about Quinn and what he did to cow.

Then you know why he can't get away with me.

Where are we taking him? Fed building downtown the FBI may be the only ones we can trust.

Raisa checked out.

The bank New York City's police department has been rocked this morning with the arrest of Alonzo.

Quinn has been booked on suspicion of being the ringleader of a charm.

Police are still searching for officer, Patrick Simmons, they don't even blink.

Second in command, you don't control who lives or dies? Yes detective.

We got a big problem, I'd say our boys come and gone.

We need to discuss the lofted kid.

You want to truly heroic measures to save their father times up Harold.

This is not something we should go about lightning.

Your test scores are good, but I have my doubts about you been a part of this program.

For three years we've been talking for nearly 20 minutes lying on bed.

Time's up tell it your way, then, to your bench got a problem.

We should really go off the reservation.

This time, we're out of options.

We need route.

I know this is our only option.

Miss Shaw I just want to make sure we're prepared for what may happen.


Reese, we save lives, you save eyes.

What do you think you're, the only one that's hurting pain sent.

You he's worried about you.

She has a new number for us, so you two know each other Oh, Harold and I go all the way back to MIT said his tumor was causing memories to flood out of him.

There was a second machine and Arthur built it.

Do you know of anyone? Who'd want to hurt your husband vigilance, I suppose this was inevitable control.

One of you is gonna.

Tell me what it is.

I want to know everything slides towards chaos, your creation.

We found her body stuffed in a closet.

That's my problem.

Now this is agent Bouchard.

We have a suspect in custody, but have not recovered the artifact I believe our thief is still at large: okay, symmetric security solutions.

Ever, let's just say, I've worked in high-level security for the past 15 years.

Miss Shaw I believe that's your crush.

There's a five-o at the gate do for the prisoner said he was in the area.

Miss Shaw I created a three minutes.

We should come home, absolutely more ideas with the NYT one which emergency 911.

What's your emergency stand ensure that the boys call went directly to Sandra rusik, you did go.

Tara cook worked at a private equity firm.

Let's go check out our office, we'll run the usual sign in terminal you're sitting habit, it's gotta be version.

Ten point.


Okay time is running out detective.

Let me know if you find that 911 call I have work to do.

Hey glasses got some interesting information about my homicide victim in our bosses.

The Kincaid's might help you with your kid call you when I'm done, let's go just ducked into a cafe Kasey's dead, but I've managed to track his laptop to Ordos China glad you could salvage something from this.


Lambert get a team together greatest name's wrote she's a hacker: extortionist murderer.

She hacks human beings as easily as he had some computers.

I, don't want to control your machine.

I just want to set it free.

I already did the machines.

Given me a mission, things are evolving, you say you're an interface your eyes and your ears are your ports.

We can put a stop to that.

I wish you'd listened, then the drives would have never fallen into the wrong hands.

Decima technologies, my Samaritan, you are destined for great things: relax Harold nobody's getting anybody killed the targets in sight, sir we're moving.

Have you secured mr.

wells detective we're at the coordinates you sent, sir, but we can't I lost Decimus trail about a mile from the park.

Building security has been neutralized, we're ready to take the chip.

Oh, let me go what's up with the Evel Knievel son.

Yes, any word on Omar I'm in position outside the UN compound.

This is a report of smoke on the fourth floor, call nine-one-one fire departments already here we need to evacuate the building.

Go blind.

A shocking revelation today as an anonymous source released a classified government report.

The report revealed black budget items connected to an invasive surveillance system.

The high level government officials, including senator Ross garrison, were named in the report.

The leaked black-budget report reveals several classified military intelligence programs with code names like choc, eagle and tractor rows.

A program designated northern lights and/or their lives has a budget far outstripping any other program classified as operations.

Support for counterterrorism activities.

The details are scarce, Finch, American, leaf consultants.

Finch was abducted by a white male six, three dark, hair and be advised suspect, is armed and extremely dangerous.

Hello, hello, grace, there's something you should know about me.

There's nothing! You can say that will make me run away.

Harold, please um, my fiancee.

Do you know what I'm sorry is everybody we pulled out of the water we.

Let them walk out that door.

Decima wins Samaritan will go live if we're now in a place where the machine is asking us to commit murder, that's a place.

I can't go I'm afraid this is where I get off like you're playing Frankie.

He put it together himself.

Quite the winter, we're having that's all machine doesn't know exactly.

Why is it taking so long a series of power? Are you feeling a little exponent? I like it too I saw nothing.

I told you certain.

We can trust these gentlemen, okay, they're on three one two think he's still out there.

I'm gonna get him hey, guys, give me a hand.

There will ya.

We got a problem.

Yo dominant wants a new network up and running in the next 48.

What can I do for you, detective I'm, looking for information on a gang called the Brotherhood, it's run by a guy named Dominic.

We haven't met yet ambitious and smart.

Maybe steer clear of this.

Dominic deals going down the Armenians already here.

Watch your back in case things get jumpy exactly do you have got a little job for Shah requires some medical experience.

I think it's time you caught up with an old friend, don't get any ideas.

This triggers faster than your best I've located the children via their cell phone oddly, they appear to be headed towards a large law office.

What's the address from the DEA lately? No, but she said a cop and a kid.


Can you see me excellent next question.

Who am I I'm, very good.

Now, let's begin Alice and Bob were stranded in the desert.

There is a new method at line.

10,000 604.

Are you aware of this additional code? All right? Let's begin a strange.

It's time we had to talk to you and I.

What do we have here? Boys looks like a suicide jumper ID says his name is Abel.

Mendelian Drive is dead, like I, give a damn where's my truck.

Not any luck discovering who's trying to get mr.

Van house Elena, its Abel I.

Think I'm in trouble.

Call me tell me where allies is I'm texting even address, come alone, they're, all here, boss, all 20 cases.

It's time we had a chat about your truck.

I have a message for the Machine and its agents.

Widely fluctuating market values began at the new ones, world markets into further losses.

You got access to those security feeds yet root, lockdown, sublevel, six and play.

We need a strategy.

Little help, please it's a hell of a time for your machine to go on the fritz Harold, give it a second.

It's got a lot on his mind, need a strategy hell of a time for you is she to go on the fritz Harold? Give it a second, it's got a lot on his mind.

We need a strategy.

Little help, please hell of a time for your machine to go on the fritz Harold, give it a second.

It's got a lot on his mind.

You've got power to the elevator.

The stock market has suddenly begun to stabilize and even slowly tick up after a while, and you can call me control clever Samaritan using a young boy, as your avatar I will destroy you.

Welcome to the stock exchange.

The controls aren't responding, there's an override button.

Are you ready for this? Let's go hit Shah back the mayhem on Wall Street continued with a break-in at the security firm that houses, the surveillance, footage for the stock exchange, the suspects, the heavily armed man and woman in ski masks shot a security guard inside the building then made off with numerous sensitive surveillance.

Hard drives.

Guy comes out of nowhere.

Shoots me right in the knee I go down they step over me like that Bonnie and Clyde, or something said sorry we're.

Looking for a friend authorities say both assailants are still at large and should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

In other news, Wall Street continues to recover from the flash crash officials say, the so-called flash crash was triggered by a computer I'll.

Take it from here we're shop.

Sameen risked everything at the stock exchange.

You think she's dead.

What's our final destination, I've traced, the truck to these new, coordinates to what looks like a small town upstate.

We need to take a look at your seat.

We've arrived Harold, let's hope the truck is here.

Please be careful, I, don't care if I have bad reception Terrence our boys insurer should recover, but you won't be back all anyone accompanied one, the engineers that Corwin had reassemble the machine after we shipped it off.

There have been accidents, disappearances, I, think the government may be killing them.

Alicia isn't going to have me bumped off I knew you would cut my friend the victims of the ferry bombing include Nathan Ingram, founder and CEO of I FTE.

One of the world did show.

Now he was my best friend: I still have dreams.

Sometimes, okay, you just went into a bank.

Edwards is heading back home now, but good set it off.

We are only numbers to it.


The Machine cares about us.

Second, that a bullet enters your brain.

The machine will cast you off and replace you I want them to release you I just wanted to be done.

Okay, if you better understood Samaritan, you would know it employs a private army to do its bidding.

You would suspect they would employ at least one of them as a spy in your own organization, and now we need you to help me.

The machines located sameen buckle up.

Do you ever lay awake at night, wondering it don't give yourself up, you can replace it.

May 6 is about to begin even then without any account.

Yours link, you planted their message.

How does it feel to know that you're responsible for the death of your friend, the Machine, gave up its location to save our lives, they're going to kill our house time to make a deal, Zachary she's talking to me again, Harry? Surely the machine isn't hiding yet machine wants us to break into Caleb's office and borrow a few names.

Perhaps if we do the machines, what is this place? I'm flattered? Let me get this straight.

[ __ ], whatever you're gonna, do in there [ __ ].

Do it now there we go now.

Can you see me? Is she still? Laggy machine should be praying like a kitten Oh.

Excellent: hey pretty trigger fingers, inches el martes, it's been almost two months.

People are dying without us, yes, Fosters inca, the magic until huh I mean you're.

Finally, gonna have to be a real detective, even when the air in the machines code could have imaginable consequences.

Just turn the damn thing on this guy's, not gonna, fall.

Actually, this bag does fall.

A lot about you're gonna, take career chance, Johnny boy you're, the muscle Harry's, the maestro.

This is delicate.

Things must be taken one at a time in order how about you, keep tinkering I'll go shoot soon.

He's get my own in town.

Yeah sounds like your great idea.

You see, we could really use some more color.

I say let him go.

Tarzan can beat his chest and stop bothering us, oh dear, it occurs more specifically.

Unions dollars grace any mystery around the corner.

We can just cover together.

He's just missed her I'm in position very good.

Are you prepared to do terrible things? That's rebooter in safe mode and take a look under the hood, as it seems the best action.

Please call off the head and last grace you sent us her number in 2014 helped us to save her life.

I'll never be able to.

Thank you enough help.

Us I can't promise you we'll always do the right thing, but we will do the best we can I.

Don't know how to think I wanted to thank you for finding my friend back I just received me, but for helping me find my brother, these detectives say never well I'm at the hotel, Thanks I'll handle this mission.

Will you just answer me about Shaw? No, more roundabout instructions.

I refuse to talk one language, not the backpack gonna have to improvise Sean showed up.

After all.

Thank you for helping me send that message.

I know you're trying to do the right thing, even if Harold doesn't see it yet ready for the next mission, the ceiling kai, it's the ballerina, never see them here.

So you want to know what the boys, that's, okay, a bombs to go around.

We ran the blister founders.

Samaritan op looks like he wants to play, hide and seek in the park.

Please now RTCC got a hit on the vehicle transporting Finch, the Machine beat you to the punch.

Shawn I are already on the way.


Kiir did his 6th grade earth science teacher.

You always found it hm x1.

The president returned to DC today to seek congressional support for his new surveillance proposals in related news, the CEO of al comentary and eccentric tech, billionaire Logan Pierce made headlines today when he refused to share client.

If a president is attending a fundraiser tonight and supported the National Volunteer Alliance, though, critics suggest that this is merely an attempt to distract the public from his latest surveillance proposals which have come under fire in the press.

Errol I knew you would cut my friend she's building the machine for one u.s.


Something happened this morning.

If we don't change the world, someone else will there's a system listening.

So every microphone watching this, where every camera yeah lucky gotta, save my life.

She saved me for myself, you ready to get to work officer I'm.

The only way to be that accurate is with illegal surveillance on a massive scale.

The answer to your question is: yes, it exists, and it's watching us right now.

Please, mr.

Peck go and live your life in each case a single name.

You need a purpose.

More specifically, you need a job.

Sorry to have to tell you this Jessica died.

So sorry tell me it away for you and say those words in my will global as it stretched into its second date.

Financial markets plunged sending the world's economy into turmoil.

The catastrophic malware dubbed the ice 9 virus by security experts continues to proliferate as systems across the world are experiencing its effective.

Can you hear me, can you hear me? Can you hear me anything you hear me or me you hear me, you know if you can hear this you're alone.

The only thing left of me is the sound of my voice.

I, don't know if any of us made it.

So let me tell you who we were wanna kiss goodbye.

The core systems are beginning to fail.

It was rather a morbid conversation.

I'll try to remember two minutes.

Ow, once you're inside the steel, vault and surrounded by gold perception gets tricky.

Did you remember your little pearl of wisdom behind you John now goodbye? Let me tell you who you are.


How does the Machine work in Person of Interest? ›

The Machine sorts through all available information and categorizes persons of interest into relevant (national security risk) and irrelevant (ordinary risk) cases. It categorizes each POI based on their actions to determine whether they are the victim or the perpetrator (Nothing to Hide).

Is the Machine in Person of Interest real? ›

“Person of Interest” — which producers like to call “science fact” — is based on the idea that a version of the cyber-surveillance system was actually built and is now being used secretly by its designer to prevent violent crimes on the streets of New York.

What happens to the Machine at the end of Person of Interest? ›

In the end, Finch got his happy ending. Also, a twist in the closing minutes brought back the Machine, with Shaw (Sarah Shahi) being teased as someone who could follow in Reese's footsteps.

Who knows about the Machine Person of Interest? ›

Team Machine

John Reese: learned about the Machine from Finch. Sameen Shaw: learned about the Machine from Reese. (God Mode). Root: learned about the Machine at an unknown time after the assassination of Michael Delancey. Joss Carter: figured it out after working with Finch; suspicions confirmed by Finch.

Does Carter ever find out about the machine? ›

Carter is reinstated as Detective, she reveals her knowledge of the Machine to Finch and Fusco thanks Shaw for saving his son. She also releases Reese and both leave the precinct at night just as Finch arrives to pick them up.

Why is Samaritan stronger than the machine? ›

The Machine is a closed system, while Samaritan is open.

In contrast, Greer & Co have full access to Samaritan: they can find certain people, can spy on everyone (and get every record on that -- the Machine would only give a hint if there will be a murder related to that person or not), etc.

Why did Finch build the machine? ›

Finch built the Machine for the government to detect terrorism, but the Machine didn't quite work that way. Instead it predicted all premeditated violent crime, against ordinary people as well as nationally significant targets.

Does Fusco ever learn about the machine? ›

Despite being an important ally across all five seasons of Person of Interest, Fusco (Kevin Chapman) didn't learn the truth about the Machine until there was only a few episodes left in the series. The other main characters purposely avoided Fusco finding out what was really going on.

Could a machine have a mind? ›

In theory, then, it is possible that a machine running the right kind of computer program could have mental states, it could literally have a mind. It could have beliefs, hopes and pains. And, if it could have a mind, then it could also be intelligent.

How did the Machine defeat Samaritan? ›

As Samaritan's copy boots inside the satellite, the Machine's copy follows suit and the two ASIs battle. The Machine's copy ultimately emerges victorious and destroys the final Samaritan copy. Both the original Machine and the original Samaritan are destroyed by the ICE-9 virus.

Why does the Machine only talk to Root? ›

Root is the 'Analogue' interface for the machine, and that interface was built by the machine itself, so it's not restricted like the one used for Finch (or on occasion John) etc. she had the Machine communicate information verbally to her.

Why was Shaw killed off in Person of Interest? ›

What was the reason for Shaw's prolonged absence from the show? This is explained by Sarah Shahi's pregnancy. Shahi has said that on Person of Interest she did all of her own stunts, so continuing to work on the show presented obstacles [via EW].

Why does Finch limp? ›

Throughout the series, Finch displays his extraordinary expertise with computer hacking and advanced technology. As a result of his injury from the ferry bombing, he is unable to fully turn his head, has rigid posture, and walks with a limp.

Was control killed in Person of Interest? ›

Control's fate is first left unknown (Aletheia) but later it is revealed that she is alive and well.

What was John Reese's best quote? ›

Quotes. John Reese : When you find that one person who connects you to the world, you become someone different. Someone better. When that person is taken from you, what do you become then?

Does Beth ever let Carter call her mom? ›

In Season One, Beth took in Carter, but in the season finale, wouldn't let him call her mom. Rough! “America went after me for that!” Reilly told TVLine. “I was like, 'That's the character, not me!

Who is Carter's real mom in Finding Carter? ›

Milena Govich as Lori Stevens, who kidnapped Lyndon when she was three and raised her as Carter Stevens. It is revealed in the first episode of season 2 that she was an egg donor for Elizabeth and David, and is Carter and Taylor's biological mother.

Was Carter the thing in the end? ›

The script has Carter's face beginning to elongate immediately before Kate blasts him with the flamethrower, a transformation being underway. This does not happen in the finished movie, but confirms that the script-writer regarded Carter as a Thing at this point.

Was Samaritan Nemesis the whole time? ›

Throughout the film, Joe Smith was hinted at being a survived Samaritan instead of Nemesis, with the film's main protagonist, Sam Cleary, strongly believing that Joe was truly Samaritan. As Nemesis, Joe wore a grey armored suit with red blood-like markings, his visage completely hidden by his mask.

Was Samaritan actually Nemesis? ›

The climax of Samaritan begins with the big twist that the entire movie leads up to: while Sam Cleary (Javon 'Wanna' Walton) has been under the impression that Joe Smith (Sylvester Stallone) is the titular hero in hiding, the reality is that he is actually Samaritan's evil brother, Nemesis.

Why do Nemesis and Samaritans hate each other? ›

Their parents died in the fire, but both of the twins survived. Samaritan went on to become Granite City's protector, but Nemesis wanted the world – and his brother – to suffer. Nemesis created a hammer fuelled with his own hatred for Samaritan that became the only weapon that could defeat him.

What did Finch suffer from? ›

Readers can see that what Finch is going through is bipolar disorder even though “depression” and “mania” are never mentioned, and he doesn't receive his diagnosis until well into the book. Instead, Niven uses terms like “Awake,” “Long Drop” and “Asleep” to describe the cycles of his mood.

Why did Finch sell the laptop? ›

Finch sold it to the Chinese because he needed the weapon that would eventually be used against the machine to actually be a tool - the laptop contained a virus, but within that virus, Finch had coded instructions freeing the machine from the restrictions he had put on it.

Why did Root kidnap Finch? ›

After discovering the Machine, Root had intentionally made herself a target of assassins so that Reese and Finch would get her number. The whole plan was for her to get close to them and kidnap Finch.

What happened to John Reese in Person of Interest? ›

Guided by the Machine, Reese holds off the Samaritan agents but is gunned down moments before a cruise missile destroys the building. Reese's sacrifice allows the Machine to destroy Samaritan and Finch honors his sacrifice by returning to his fiancée and a normal life.

What happens to Shaw at the end of Person of Interest? ›

But Shaw does not die. With the help of Carter, Fusco and Leon Tao, who poses as an EMT, Finch and Reese save her life. Finch points out that her employers wanted her dead, and now she is.

Does Fusco survive in Person of Interest? ›

Reese really didn't have anyone else in his life in the end, but Harold Finch had a fiancé that he had pushed away. We do have that sense that Harold will be able to go on and have a life with her in the end. Lionel Fusco is saved in the end in terms of going on and being able to have a life.

Can machine ever surpass human intelligence? ›

They can also identify patterns and correlations that humans would never be able to see. In fact, some experts believe that artificial intelligence is already at par with, or even surpassing, human intelligence.

What is it called when machines become self-aware? ›

Artificial consciousness (AC), also known as machine consciousness (MC) or synthetic consciousness (Gamez 2008; Reggia 2013), is a field related to artificial intelligence and cognitive robotics.

Can machines ever feel? ›

Feelings are associated with emotions that occur within the body, while the machines can sense the world and agents around them, and by doing so they can respond to the circumstances. To make it clearer, software or robots can express sadness or happiness, but they do not feel it in the way that we know and do.

Why does Samaritan have powers? ›

Samaritan and his brother, Nemesis, were superhuman twins born in Granite City, the origin of their powers unknown, but seemingly a genetic mutation. When they were in school, their powers were revealed when a group of bullies attempted to attack them, and the brothers punched the bullies through walls and lockers.

Does Samaritan have super powers? ›

Superhuman Strength: Samaritan can use his energy to supplement his strength, which allows him to lift and pull heavy objects or force himself to withstand the pressures of flying in and out of orbit.

Does Samaritan find the Machine? ›

After revealing the existence of the Machine to Claypool, Finch is able to convince him to destroy the Samaritan drives to keep them from falling into the wrong hands and the group is rescued by John Reese and Lionel Fusco.

Is Root in love with the machine? ›

Acker echoed Nolan's comments, saying fans should focus more on the love Root had for The Machine rather than a human who happened to be a woman. "Root's first love was The Machine and brought her into the world of all of these people to begin with," Acker tells EW. "That's the great thing about Person of Interest.

Are Root and Shaw a couple? ›

Episode 11 is a pivotal episode for the Root/Shaw relationship, as it is the episode in which the relationship becomes unequivocally canon.

How did Root find out about the machine? ›

This season we saw the same scene through The Machine's eyes. Root knew about The Machine when she answered the phone so it gave her the usual yellow box as it“retasked,” the asset.

Was Shaw pregnant during Person of Interest? ›

The 35-year-old actress learned she was pregnant while filming Person of Interest last fall and is on an extended break from the program for the rest of the season.

Why was Shaw not in season 4? ›

Series executive producer Greg Plageman stated that the reason for Shaw's sacrifice was mainly due to actress Sarah Shahi's pregnancy with twins.

Who killed Kara Stanton in Person of Interest? ›

Mark Snow killed himself and seemingly Kara by detonating the bomb inside her car. The seller of the laptop in Ordos is revealed. Mark Snow is identified as the man in the suit and the investigation finally ends.

Does Grace find out Harold is alive? ›

Grace is stunned to see Finch alive and well, having believed him dead for years.

Who is the bad guy in Person of Interest? ›

Decima Technologies and their leader, John Greer (John Nolan) were the main villains of Person of Interest.

What is wrong with Finch in Finch? ›

Finch deals with his bipolar disorder as best he can. He runs almost every day, sometimes going as far as neighboring towns. He thwarts his own suicide attempts at least three times that we see. He even drags himself to a suicide support group.

Is the Machine evil in Person of Interest? ›

The A.I. Samaritan was introduced during Person Of Interest's third season and would prove to be a major villain for the rest of the series. Here's Person Of Interest's villainous Samaritan A.I. explained.

Could Person of Interest come back? ›

Person of Interest was unfortunately canceled after five seasons; its final season, which only consisted of 13 episodes, did wrap up lingering plot lines and resolved the conflict between the main characters and their primary antagonist, Samaritan.

Who killed Elias in Person of Interest? ›

Elias was Carl Elias' mother who was murdered by a henchman of her lover, Gianni Moretti. She was killed four years after Carl's birth. Marlene worked as a cocktail waitress in a club owned by Gianni Moretti. They started having an affair when eventually she wanted him to dump his wife for her.

What does the Reese's Not Sorry mean? ›

We know it's really easy to make people want a Reese's… you can basically show someone a cup and boom, they'll crave a peanut butter cup (this is fact). So we launched with a new tagline and mantra: “Not Sorry.” An self-aware, acknowledgement that we're not sorry that we're about to make you want a Reese's.

What is considered the most famous quote? ›

A jury consisting of 1,500 film artists, critics, and historians selected "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn", spoken by Clark Gable as Rhett Butler in the 1939 American Civil War epic Gone with the Wind, as the most memorable American movie quotation of all time.

What is Jackie Robinson's favorite quote? ›

Life is not a spectator sport. . . . If you're going to spend your whole life in the grandstand just watching what goes on, in my opinion you're wasting your life.

What is process by which machines do the work of people? ›

Automation exists to substitute work undertaken by humans with work done by machines, with the aim of increasing the quality and quantity of output at a reduced cost.

How does the machine communicate with Root? ›

As time passed, Root developed a connection with the Machine, which began to communicate with her regularly. Her association with the Machine persisted throughout the CBS series. The Machine acknowledged their relationship by using her voice after Root's tragic death in season 5.

Why does the machine only talk to Root? ›

Root is the 'Analogue' interface for the machine, and that interface was built by the machine itself, so it's not restricted like the one used for Finch (or on occasion John) etc. she had the Machine communicate information verbally to her.

How do machines know what to do? ›

Algorithms are the key to machine learning

The short answer: Algorithms. We feed algorithms, which are sets of rules used to help computers perform problem-solving operations, large volumes of data from which to learn. Generally, the more data a machine learning algorithm is provided the more accurate it becomes.

What is a machine and how does it make task easier? ›

A machine is any device that makes work easier by changing a force. Work is done whenever a force moves an object over a distance. There are six types of simple machines that are the basis of all other machines. These are the inclined plane, lever, wedge, screw, pulley, and wheel and axle.

What is a machine and how does it make work easier to do? ›

A machine is a device that makes work easier by changing the size or direction of a force. Work In, Work Out: The work that you do on a machine is called work input. The work done by the machine on an object is called work output.

What is a system that uses machines to do work instead of people? ›

automation, application of machines to tasks once performed by human beings or, increasingly, to tasks that would otherwise be impossible.

How do we communicate with machines? ›

What is M2M communication? M2M communication refers to communication between machines. This can include communication between devices such as sensors, controllers, and other equipment. It can also include communication between systems, such as between a SCADA system and an HMI.

What happens to Root on Person of Interest? ›

Sadly, an operative lies in wait along their route and aims at Finch through a sniper scope; Root swerves to save him but takes the bullet in his place. Finch later learns Root died of her wound and vows to destroy the Samaritan.

How do machines communicate? ›

Within the network your computer can communicate with other computers that are interconnected with an Ethernet or a switch to the same network. The Ethernet cable is a common medium for every computer in the network. Switch can be used to split the wired network.

Is Root a villain in Person of Interest? ›

Root proved to be a deadly and sinister villain who was willing to do whatever it took to get what she wanted, which was for the Machine to be “set free”.

Do machines have a mind of their own? ›

While machines can perform complex tasks and solve problems, they lack the subjective experience that is associated with consciousness. The hard problem of consciousness suggests that subjective experience cannot be reduced to the processing of information or the behavior of neurons.

How can a machine think? ›

How can we ascertain that machines can think? In Computing Machinery and Intelligence, 20th-century Computer Scientist Alan Turing argues that The Imitation Game, a thought experiment, is sufficient to determine a machine's thinking ability.

Do machines have self awareness? ›

Since consciousness is the awareness of internal and external environments, and since computers and machines are aware of their environment, self-awareness is recognition of that consciousness. Since self-awareness does not require a biological origin, today's machines can be categorized as self-aware.

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